Here is the entire text of the review of 'Scenes & Themes' as it appeared in Classical Guitar (UK) Magazine.

"SCENES & THEMES" by John Compton

"This book contains a wealth of easy little pieces designed for the beginner to provide additional material to complement a method. The teacher's book provides accompaniments and is designed to enable the limited pupil's material to sound attractive. John Compton puts it all very clearly in his preface; the teacher adopts the same role as any other instrumental teacher, that of providing a larger musical context within which the student plays.
The tunes are all single note melodies for the pupil and are grouped together into sections. The first uses the three top open strings, the second adds A, the next adds C and D, then first position is completed on the first three strings. Attention is then turned to the bass strings and there can never be enough simple material at this stage.
The pieces are tremendously effective because of the skill that has gone into writing the teacher's parts; all of them are great little pieces of music and the children I tried them on all loved them and have been asking to do them again.
If teaching at the first stages uses material like this I think guitarists will emerge with a depth of musicianship, as so many musical skills can be taught so effectively with such simple pieces. Ensemble work will also undoubtedly benefit as these pieces played in unison by a group with effective teacher accompaniment will lead straight into the first ensemble repertoire.
I think these books will become some of the most widely used; I would strongly recommend every teacher to look at them."