The mp3 Tracklist is divided into sessions which exactly match the ground covered in each section of Scenes and Themes. The music for the first section of Scenes & Themes ("In the Court of King Arthur") is presented as two separate sessions to suit this very early stage. Each piece is presented twice:

  1. the student's part, unaccompanied, with a metronome click to aid counting, at an appropriate tempo
  2. the student's part, together with the accompaniment

The second and subsequent sections of Scenes & Themes are again presented in 2 versions :
  1. the student's part, together with the accompaniment
  2. just the accompaniment for the student to play along with, at an appropriately faster tempo if the piece demands it (= "Music minus One")
The mp3 Tracklist includes tuning notes as the first 6 tracks. All the student has to do for the daily practice session is to start at the track which heads the section, following and playing along. If the teacher requires specific pieces to be studied, they are of course immediately accessible to the student from the track list (there is a total of 60 tracks).
This continuous repetition and reinforcement at this crucial early stage has proved to be absolutely invaluable in establishing firm foundations of musicianship and basic technical skills. It is obvious if a student hasn't been using the mp3 tracks! The accompaniments also offer the opportunity for the young student to present musically meaningful performances at home from the very start, thus developing performance skills from the outset.


Click Here to download the ZipFile, which contains the entire Scenes & Themes mp3 collection, to your desktop. Then import it into your mp3 player or burn a CD.