Two Guitars :

In Val Gardena

This was composed for & dedicated to Petula Compton. Click Here to listen to a performance by John & Petula. You can also go to You Tube, Click Here to hear it set to photos of Val Gardena,

Three Guitars :

Sanctus Locus

Four Guitars :

Berkshire Suite :
1st Movement, “Broad Street”
2nd Movement, “Clayfield Copse"
3rd Movement : "Caversham Park"

‘Pastorale’ (Click Here to go to You Tube to see a live performance of this piece by the Aragon Guitar Quartet)

Sonata :
1st Movement
2nd Movement
3rd Movement

Theme & Variations on ‘Noel Nouvelet’ (Traditional French Carol)


Four Guitars & 8vo Bass :

Hiking Boot Blues

Six Guitars :

‘South Hill Park’