Ivan Andrews’ music has been at the heart of the Aragon Guitar Quartet’s music for many years now, it has also been central to the repertoire of the High Wycombe Music Centre’s Guitar Consort. It is not ‘easy’, making high technical and musical demands upon the players, but it is music of the highest quality and we unhesitatingly recommend it.

Choose your category (Guitar Ensemble, Guitar and Violin…) and then make your selection from the lists. Allow a few seconds for the pdf file to appear in your browser, then you can save it as you choose to your computer. The pdf file will show the score as the first page(s) followed by the individual parts.

Ivan has kindly made his music available for free download, but if you wish to recognise the quality of his work, please put your own value on it and post your cheque, payable to “I. G. Andrews” to Sycamore Series (details on the ‘Contact Us’ page) and we will gladly forward it to him.