One of the crucial developments of the last three decades in the Classical Guitar world has been the introduction of ensemble playing to the teaching process. There is absolutely no doubt that students who are involved in ensemble playing from the very beginning of their studies develop their skills in musicianship, listening, sight reading, performing and sheer musical understanding far more quickly than their less fortunate peers. Sycamore Series Ensemble music has evolved in tandem with these developments and is now being used the length and breadth of the UK by individual teachers, schools, amateur ensembles and Local Authority Music Centres.

The Sycamore Series collection ranges from short pieces designed for the beginner's first public performances up to demanding suites for concert players to get their teeth into, and has been tested, tried, and found to be most successful over the years. The music has been proven to be effective as teaching material and attractive to players and audiences alike.

The music is always fingered, phrased and marked as appropriate. It is our strongly held opinion that it should be possible to play this music 'straight out of the box' so to speak, without having to spend a great deal of time making all the musical decisions necessary to effective performance of the piece, together with the subsequent time-consuming and laborious work of marking up all the parts - especially if a large ensemble needs multiple copies. All this vital work has been done for you, skillfully and professionally. You are of course still at liberty to edit as you choose!

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